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Kindergarten & T-K registration for 2024- 2025 opens 2/7/24

Click HERE to begin Online enrollment 



Beginning Wednesday, February 7th, 2024


Transitional Kindergarten:  09/02/2019 – 9/01/2020

Kindergarten: 09/02/2018 – 9/1/2019


For online pre- enrollment Go click HERE  ¨ Choose language desired    ¨ Enroll a New Student 

After completing online pre-enrollment, please gather the following documents & information:

  1. Child’s Original Birth Certificate
  2. Acceptable Address Verification Documentation

In parent’s name:  ONE of the following: Correspondence from Social Services, deed, mortgage/escrow paperwork, property tax bill, rental/lease agreement or tax return.   OR

In parent/homeowner’s name: TWO of the following: auto insurance, driver’s license, current cable, electric, gas, and/or water bill, AND a letter signed by the homeowner if renting a room.

  1. Current Immunization Record

Immunization Requirements vary by grade but include:

¨     5 DTaP 

¨     4 Polio

¨     3 Hep B

¨     2 MMR

¨     2 Varicella

  1. Parent’s Current, ACCESSIBLE Email

After online pre-enrollment is complete and documents are available, please call the office at

(714) 663-6164 for an appointment.  Children will not be enrolled until all information is provided. 

Appointments are available between 9:00 – 3:00.


We are looking forward to having you join the Barker family!